2000 - 2010: 10 Years of Adventure

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#  Month/Year Expedition Name  Type Location Who  Notes
August 2000 Colorado 2000  Backpacking Rocky Mountain National Park, CDT Dave, Chad, Zach, Cory, Ryan, T358  
June 2001 Boundary Waters '01   Canoeing Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW)  Dave, Chad, Zach, Cory, Jim, Ryan T358   
 3 July 2005  Tahoe '05   Backpacking Desolation Wilderness, Northern California (near Lake Tahoe) Dave, Chad, Zach, Cory, Ryan, Others  
 4 August 2005 Boundary Waters '05   Canoeing BWCAW Dave, Kortney, T270   
 5 May 2006 Boundary Waters '06   Canoeing BWCAW  Dave, Zach, Kortney, Rob   
 6 February 2007  Winter Trip '07  Winter Hiking BWCAW  Dave, Zach, Jim, Cory, Zach  Discovered TEAM 42 Flag.  The term TEAM 42 first used (as written on Chad's polk sled).
 7  May 2007  Memorial Day at the BWCAW  Backpacking  BWCAW, Snowbank Trail  Dave, Zach, Chad, Jim  
 8 June 2007   Boundary Waters '07  Canoeing  BWCAW, Cherokee Lake  Dave, Kortney, T358  
 9  September 2007  Labor Day at the SHT  Backpacking  Superior Hiking Trail (SHT), Gooseberry area  Dave, Brenda  
 10  November 2007  Thanksgiving  Backpacking  SHT, Lutsen area  Dave, Chad, Jim, Cory, Kortney  
 11  February 2008  Winter Trip '08  Winter Hiking  BWCAW  Dave, Chad, Jim, Cory, Zach, Ryan  
 12  May 2008  Spring Backpacking  Backpacking  SHT  Dave, Brenda  
 13  May 2008  Memorial Day at the SHT  Backpacking  SHT  Dave, Cory, Chad  
 14  June 2008  Solo Hike  Backpacking  SHT  Dave  
 15  July 2008  4th of July at the BWCAW  Canoeing  BWCAW, Lake 2 area  Dave, SMJ  
 16  July 2008  For a Long Time to Come  Backpacking  Maah Daah Hey Trail  Jim  
 17  July 2008  Backpacking
 Backpacking  SHT  Dave, Brenda  
18   August 2008  T42 August '08  Backpacking  SHT  Dave, Cory, Jim  
 19  August 2008  Coming into Medora  Backpacking  Maah Daah Hey Trail  Jim & Company  
 20  August 2008  Colorado '08  Backpacking  Rocky Mountain National Park, CDT  Dave, T358  
 21  August 2008  Labor Day on the SHT  Backpacking  SHT  Dave, Brenda  
 22  October 2008  Fall on the SHT  Backpacking  SHT  Dave, T358  
 23  November 2008  Thanksgiving II  Backpacking  Porcupine Mountains, Upper Peninsula  Dave, Zach, Jim, Cory The tagline "Together Everyone Achieves More" (as printed on the Gordy's produce cooler) adopted.
 24   February 2009  Winter Trip '09  Winter Hiking BWCAW  Zach, Ryan  
 25  May 2009  Thru Hike Prep  Backpacking  SHT  Dave  
 26  May 2009  Memorial Day at the SHT  Backpacking  SHT  Dave  
 27  June 2009  SHT Thru Hike  Backpacking  SHT  Dave  
 28  July 2009  Pow-Wow '09  Backpacking  BWCAW, Pow-Wow Trail  Dave, Chad  
 29  August 2009  Labor Day on the SHT  Backpacking  SHT  Dave, Cory  
 30  November 2009  SHT Fall '09  Backpacking  SHT Dave, Chad   
 31  November 2009  Thanksgiving III  Backpacking

Centennial Trail, Black Hills National Forest

 Dave, Chad, Jim, Kortney  
 32  January 2010  Ozarks '010  Backpacking  Ozarks Highland Trail  Dave  
 33  March 2010  Winter BWCAW IV  Winter Hiking  BWCAW - Moose - Birch - Snowbank  Dave, Chad, Ryan, Mike  
 34 May 2010 Manistee   Backpacking NCT through Manistee Ntl Forest, MI   Dave  

This list includes all overnight backpacking and wilderness expeditions.  Day trips, front country and park camping are excluded.